About the Club

About the Club

Khalsa Sports Club (Hong Kong) is a non-profitable organization and is registered under the societies ordinance (Cap 151), which was established in Hong Kong 4 decades ago in vision to promote field hockey among the local community of Hong Kong. Khalsa Sports Club has won many honours in its long and established history. During late 80’s and early 90’s Khalsa Sports Club won some major honours and had about 6-8 players representing Hong Kong national team at various international tournaments.

At the present Khalsa Sports Club has 4 senior teams competing in Hong Kong Hockey League.

Team “A” is competing in Premier Division of Hong Kong Hockey League. The current Khalsa A Team has 9 Internationals from various countries such as Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, China, Macau & Malaysia. 4 of Khalsa “A” team players are currently representing Hong Kong National Team. Khalsa A team was promoted to Premier Division of Hong Kong Hockey League in year 2008 and since then have won four Premier League Championships, six times Guru Nanak Dev Tournament Champions, three times Holland Cup Champions and back to back HKFC 6’s Champions.

Team “B” and “C” plays in 1st and 2nd Divisions of Hong Kong Hockey League. These teams provides youngsters from our academy to step up in to seniors teams and nurture them to play for our A team as well as represent Hong Kong at International level. Team D is for veterans, who enjoy weekends by playing in 5th Division of Hong Kong Hockey League.

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