Khalsa Sports Club (AKAL)

Khalsa Sports Club Academy (AKAL)

–  Khalsa Academy was set up in 2008 after we started to realize the situation of illegal drug use amongst young people in our community.

–  According to the 2008-2009 Survey of Drug use among students released by the Narcotics Division of the Security Bureau, 90% of schools have students who had abused drugs.

–  We believe that Precaution is better than cure and wanted to help these children.

–  Our Academy mainly consists of young people from ethnic minority groups and new immigrants.

–  In 2009-2010 season, we started out with around 20 youth players, most of these came from under privilege families who could not afford putting their kids in big clubs to play hockey.

–  Today we have more than 60 youth players, with 5 coaches supervising and teaching them hockey skills.

Khalsa Sports Club has been competing in the local hockey competitions for over four decades. During this long period the CLUB faced some ups and downs. In the last few years the CLUB Management felt it was necessary to train the youngsters, on whom the CLUB could count on in the coming years of competitions.

In view of such, the CLUB started the Khalsa Academy in 2008. The first intake was 5-12 years old boys. They were trained the whole year-round at weekends. The Head Coach and Trainer of Senior Team spared their valuable time to train these youngsters. It is indeed our utmost honor and pleasure to say that the Khalsa Academy is developing above our expectations within such a short period of time.

Hockey development has become vital in promoting sports, which must begin with our younger generation. It is an all-round sport that provides a challenge for the youngsters on all sorts of basic fitness and teamwork. The main aim of the training is to build self-confidence, physical fitness, teamwork and harmony amongst these youngsters. At the same time counseling is given to youngsters to make a drug free society.

Khalsa Academy currently comprises of 4 teams.

–      Youth Team (Under 16)

–      Mini Hockey Team (Under 12)

–      Mini Hockey Team (Under 10)

–      Mini Hockey Team (Under 8)

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