Khalsa Mini Hockey Tournament, 22 March 2014

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Khalsa Sports Club (HK) had organised 2nd Annual Mini Hockey Tournament  on 22nd March 2014 at Happy Valley Sports Ground. It was held in the memory of Late Bhagat Puran Singh, the founder of, All India Pingalware Society in India, which is taking care of 5000+ elderly and disability people suffering from different aliments.The golden principles of this charitable organisation is that all persons in need are admitted without caste, creed, colour and religion. Bhagat Puran Singh, his dedications and selfless have not been only recognised in India but all around the world. That is not all but President of India have bestowed the award of selfless services on him.
Khalsa Sports Club (HK) would like to take this opportunity to thank all participants for attending our tournament. Everybody’s presence was greatly appreciated.
2nd Khalsa Mini Hockey Tournament was a great success with around 50 teams attended with a crowd of 700 plus and had a great time participating in games such as hockey, face-painiting and hair spray. Langar was served from Khalsa Diwan (HK), every parent and kid loved it.
What a success! Khalsa Sports Club (HK) broke records of attendance and team. The tournament had great feedbacks and parents enjoying the games. As a Club our challenge now is to maintain the enthusiasm and further promote the tournament. Our key motto which is “SAY NO TO DRUGS” so that we can keep the youngsters aware of it and participate more in sports event. We are amazed that with the support we have been shown by sponsors were great and enormous.
Following were the winners and runners-up of the tournament accordingly;
On behalf of Khalsa Sports Club (HK), we would like to extend a heart-felt thank you for everbody’s commitment to making this tournament very successful. It is the vision of Club to inform, entertain and provide a pleasant comfortable environment for all. Everybody’s generous contribution helped make our vision a reality by attending the tournament.
Thank you very much once again.
Gurcharan Singh
Team Manager / Khalsa Sports Club (HK)
Malkit Singh Pannu
Team Co-ordinator / Khalsa Sports Club (HK)